As YouTube rises into becoming the second-largest search engine in the world, there is no denying the increasing demand for video content. If you’re not putting up consistent video content, then you are most likely getting left behind. Here to guide you into the world of video content production is Paul Rogers, Executive Producer at Social Video Studios. He sits down with host Jordan Levin to share his take on the evolution of technology, how video has grown since, and what you can do to consistently put yourself out there and grow your revenue. Paul also talks about the common concerns that hold many back from posting video content—from perfectionism to its technical aspects—and how to overcome them. What is more, he then guides you towards success by sharing what it takes to create clear messaging and online video exposure. Let Social Video Studios guide you in the growth of your business and increase your revenue through consistent online video content. Follow Paul in this conversation to learn how.



For those of you who are into video stuff, please check him out. He’s the guy behind this whole thing. Paul is a leader offering a wide range of video production consulting services to help him guide his clients to success through clear messaging and online video exposure.

I’m so thrilled to have you here, Paul. Thanks for being here.

Thanks for having me here. It’s awesome. How are you?

That will be a different video at a different capacity. Do you know what I mean? I had a great time producing that. One of the biggest things that I learned in terms of sound is you need to make sure that you’re in a quiet room. Sometimes, if you do the sound in a closet, it will help absorb the sound. When you told me to go to the closet and we record that video, I was like, “I didn’t even know that was something I had to do.”AGT 29 | Social Video Studios

Social Video Studios: We all hate the way we look because we’re not used to looking at ourselves on camera, but the public view us very differently.

I think a lot of us are producing videos at home now. We are doing a lot of stuff at home. People do not realize that their phones have high-quality microphones. Getting into your closet and getting rid of all that noise bouncing around is awesome.

I want to go back a little bit and talk about what ignited the passion for film and video production. That’s part one. Part two is, how should passion evolve as technology evolves? Do you get inspired by the mere concept of infinite possibilities? Were you a bit of both?

To answer the first question, my brother woke me up one morning to play football on the football team. I must have weighed 110 pounds soaking wet. I was not a football candidate. I played for one year and it was terrible. I think I played two plays all year long. The next year, they asked me if I could film the games instead of play. That was their nice way of keeping me on the team but not letting me play. I did that and I hated it. I felt like such a loser. All my friends were playing football. I was the video guy but that was what launched my career in video. We did a couple of seasons for that football team.

We did one little video for a photographer and then that launched us. We were called by a guy out in California. His name is David Jay. Some of you guys may know who he is. He runs a company called Warm Welcome. It’s a great service. We started working for him and his company. We’ve worked with them on and off for ten years. That was what launched my professional video career. I went in a very different direction than everybody else I knew in film. Everybody went to do movies. We have stayed focused on helping companies grow through online video. That’s what we do now. The primary amount of our work is consulting people on their messaging with their videos and then getting their videos produced and put up so that they can grow online. Obviously, that’s more important now than it has ever been.

You were talking about sports. With sports stuff, have you always been involved in it or you didn’t enjoy it?

No, I don’t even know why I joined the football team. Honestly, I don’t even know that I knew the difference between offense and defense. I didn’t know anything. I was the total idiot when it came to sports. I was just on the team. It meant nothing to me. I thought it was cool that I was on the football team. I was terrible and I’m still terrible. I’m not an athletic person by any stretch of the imagination.

What’s interesting is you’re talking about video production and making movies. I had to stop the podcast but it still happened to be a film crew that developed my documentary. They were talking about how videos started back in the day when there was no color and sound. They would just put up black and white films and how complicated it was to produce films back then based on the technology and how. Now, a lot of times, you can shoot a good video on your iPhone. It’s impressive that you could do that nowadays. Have you played around with shooting videos or films on your phone?

Yes, all the time. To that point real quick, when we first got into video back in 2008, we were still using tapes. We had to load the tapes in and run them through. It was a mess. Now, everybody has the technology they need to get video up. There are no excuses as to why not to. We all hate the way we look because we’re not used to looking at ourselves on camera but the public view us very differently. We need to get over the fact that we’re all not going to be supermodels. I’m obviously not a supermodel here and we need to get that video content up. We all have a lot to offer society. We all have a lot to offer as far as things we’ve learned and how we can help companies grow. Getting over the fact that our face isn’t going to be perfect and getting the information out there, people are going to love it. You’re going to find that few people care about what you look like and they care more about the information you’re giving.

Few people care about what you look like. They care more about the information you’re giving.

That’s one of the things I’ve been learning. In reality, just be yourself when you are online, even if you’re live, not live or whatnot. I believe that people begin to pick up on the mannerisms and follow people that speak their language. They found and they can relate to that. In that same token, you stated the importance of consistent messaging in conjunction with content. Does it need to be perfect or it needs to be consistent with your messaging? You and I will be casual and putting some type of makeup. I’m curious, what do you think people would gravitate more towards?

People gravitate towards ideas and information that push their life or business forward. If you’re rambling, people don’t care to listen. They don’t have time for that. If you can come with processes, systems and ideas that are going to help me make money or put me somewhere in life then people are willing to listen. Even while working with you and learning more about your situation with your hearing and how you lost it from birth, there’s a demographic of people that are just like you. They can get discouraged and down.

In any situation in life, those are always out there. There are people that have lost businesses, homes, families, their hearing, their eyesight or whatever it is. Everybody needs someone to come alongside and encourage them to take the next step. At some point, we reach a point where we feel like it’s impossible. If those people weren’t out there then maybe we would never take that next step or be too discouraged to do it. The information that you’re giving is critical.

As far as consistency, we’re all creatures of habit. We know that. We enjoy watching people’s journey through life. Find a starting point even if it’s not perfect and start moving forward because you’re going to get better. Your cameras will get better at some point. You’ll find better lighting at some point. Who knows? You may decide on a look and the clothes you’re going to wear. You may have this amazing podcast show or whatever but there’s always a journey there.

One of the journeys I love the most, I think is the funniest to watch and look back on, is Dude Perfect. A lot of people watch Dude Perfect. They’re so polished right now. They’re a complete show but if you go back in time and look back at their first videos, they were the worst and yet it’s fun to look back and see their progress through their career. That’s even encouraging to me and everyone that I can start somewhere. I might be way better at the end. It’s encouraging for people to look back and see, “Wow. Look where Paul started. Look where those guys started.” That’s why consistency is key. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Start posting content, be consistent and give information that’s going to push people’s lives forward. You’ll find success there.

That makes sense because nowadays things are obviously more different than many years ago. We’re still in this technology phase. We’re in the infancy of technology opportunity when it first came out with the different computers even though that was in the late ’80s or somewhere around there. There are still all these computers, my point is there other things that are changing. Now, we’re getting this whole cryptocurrency. Not everybody understands enough about them. We should know some people understand them like Gary Vee. He keeps talking about cryptocurrencies, “You guys need to get on that bandwagon.” A lot of people can’t afford a couple of thousand dollars for one Bitcoin or whatever it is but he keeps talking about the impeachment of technology.

He believes we were at the beginning of something just as much when the internet was firstborn. Now, we’re in this next phase of that. It’s leading to be on how many people are now getting more comfortable getting out there and talking about what’s going on. People are also doing that. It doesn’t need to be perfect. You’ve got to get the message out there and keep talking about it and as much stuff out as you can. It’s not about getting a million views or hits on YouTube. It’s about people talking about your messaging. I think that’s a powerful thing. That’s one of the things that I’m looking at with this whole show as well as my personal messaging.

I was going to say real quick to your point right there. In any industry, in any situation, you’re going to have your celebrities. It’s a mistake to only start something when you think you could be a celebrity at it. I agree with you. There are a lot of people you can help along the way. If it’s a bit in a business situation, there’s a lot of money in the niches. We say because we see advertising online and on television that we want to reach the world. In reality, there are very few people in history that have ever reached the world. I’m not saying that you couldn’t reach the world or anybody couldn’t do that. We shouldn’t start with that mindset that, “It’s not working if I’m not reaching the world or if I don’t have one bazillion views,” because there are a few people who are going to watch you. They’re going to be encouraged and you’re going to push their life forward. That’s worth it.

When it comes to business, you’ll start garnering business. David Jay told me this and I don’t know if this came from him or not. He said, “If you make your business about helping other people and making it about them, you’ll go further in two days than you will in two years trying to get everybody focused on you.” That’s true. Anything that we do or start, the focus has to be the client. It has to be the people we’re trying to help. If people start to view us that because we’re helping them out and helping their lives then those are the kinds of people you want back on your site and watching you. That’s a company worth growing. The other way around is very self-centered and self-focused. Everybody finds that a turn-off.AGT 29 | Social Video Studios

Social Video Studios: We have to survive and charge a premium for our work so that we can continue offering a premium.

I’m with you on that one. We talked about back and forth. It’s always about the client. It’s about sharing that messaging. In my case because of my disability, I’m trying to share my messaging. At the same time, I’m trying to let other people know that any hardship that somebody else might be going through, it’s okay. That’s one of the things I’ve been working on with the show as well as sharing personal stories but yet trying to get people to be interested in that. Like in a video, you need to be in adversity coming to that.

You’re right, Jordan. I don’t see your story as focused on Jordan. I see your story as, “I had every opportunity to give up. I had every excuse in the world to say, ‘It’s not going to work for me,’” and yet you decided not to. There are people in your life or whatever that pushed you to that next step. It’s critical. I love hearing people’s stories about their business, how they were going to lose their house and they were going to lose everything. They stuck it out and ended up growing a great business because that’s encouraging to me. I don’t look at those stories as about them. They’re sharing them because they want other people to see that there’s hope out there that maybe success is right around the corner.

Speaking of sharing stories, I asked you a while ago if you were doing a podcast. That’s something you’re working on. What would you be doing with your podcast? What do you think your podcast will be about?

It’s weird. I read this book and it transformed my thinking. It’s called Building a Story Brand. It was written by a guy named Donald Miller. He talks about creating a one-liner that your entire company memorizes that you use on your website, email campaigns and in everything because this one-liner encapsulates everything that you do and offer as a company. Then he goes through the different types of messaging. The more I’ve started diving into this idea, the more we’ve been consulting on this with many of the companies that we work with.

People don’t understand messaging. We can all put videos and websites out there now but we don’t understand how to put forth a good message that helps people grow and gets a business. I would love to do a podcast on how to develop your messaging everywhere across the board. A lot of times, we overcomplicate it. We make these giant paragraphs. Honestly, a lot of times, our messaging needs to be in a video. It needs to get out of a type form. It needs to get into a video form. Even though we know David Jay well, it’s one reason we pushed Warm Welcome so much with our clients is that it puts your face in front of someone and helps you to stop relying on the written word, which is great, except for the fact that no one reads anymore.

Now, it’s on videos on Facebook and Instagram. It will read the text. People love reading that stuff but we don’t like reading long-form pages, which is interesting. Getting your messaging down on paper, getting it correct and then it’s figuring out, “How can I translate that into a video format that’s going to reach the public in the best way possible?” That’s the kind of podcast I would like. It’s partly because that’s where our company is going now. A lot of people that work with us with video, we also consult them on their messaging before we even start a lot of their videos. It’s hard to do a video if you don’t know what you’re going to write down or say.

It’s great because I have firsthand experience with that. I said to you I want to create an intro. That’s my message. In my personal story, I want the message to be strong and kept. I’m going to throw in all the fact that I’m deaf. You wrote that script and that’s exactly what you’re talking about. Keeping it quick, keeping it short and getting right to the point so that when somebody listens or watches a podcast, they have a good idea of what we’re talking about.

It is a very simple structure to how things should be written. It needs to be problem-solution-result or you can even say problem-solution-benefit. If you want to go one step further, it could be problem-solution-benefit and then what’s the benefit of the benefit? We were consulting a lawn company. It was around Christmas time and they wanted to get everybody’s lawns cleaned up before Christmas. The benefit was that they didn’t have to break their backs in their yard but the benefit of the benefit was they could enjoy the holidays without an achy body. It’s funny to always ask yourself, “What’s the benefit of the benefit for what I’m offering?” That’s a fun idea to explore as a company.

That’s exactly the whole point because you and I have gone back and forth to talk about it. You understood exactly what I’m trying to do. I believe that’s one of your superpowers. You literally said, “Jordan, this is what we’re going to do.” There was no wishy-washy or anything. It is what it is. I’m like, “You’re right.” You stood out and said, “This is what it’s going to be.” That’s what makes an effective business person or a respected coach. I would look at you in that situation as a coach because you have the expertise of understating the verbiage along with the video. You put that together very well.

People gravitate towards ideas and information that push their life or business forward.

I appreciate that. We had a lot of fun. I told my wife and emailed you as well. I said this, “I really found your project very interesting because it’s unique.” It always came to me because when we talked to you, you said it. We wrote it down for you. As you were talking, I started thinking, “This is what he’s trying to say and this is how we can make it concise.” One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen is I was watching this guy. He’s a professional copywriter. He writes some amazing ads. I was watching him run through writing an ad. He kept cutting it down. He would sit there, look at it, think about it and be like, “We don’t need this. We don’t need that.”

I used to be a Director at Hallmark Cards. I shot a lot of ads for DC Comics and Marvel. I had been an editor for 14 or 15 years at that point. I had this producer that worked over me. I remember I was doing an edit. It was something that I shot and he came up behind me. He said, “We need this to be ten seconds long.” It was two minutes. I was like, “Ten seconds, that’s impossible.” He was like, “It’s not impossible.” He sits down real quick and cut. It was the exact same story in ten seconds.

It was the full time I realized how to look at something and get rid of the trash. There’s so much trash that we include in our writings, emails and videos that we absolutely don’t need. It’s amazing that when you get rid of all of it and look back at it, it seems brilliant. I can’t remember. I think it was Abraham Lincoln who coined this term. He said, “I apologize for having such a long speech. I didn’t have time to write a short one because it takes time to make things concise.” It’s important especially in the fast-paced online environment that we have now.

The part of my next question is, what was something you learned more specifically from a client? You’ve worked with your business partners and all of that stuff. What about a client? What is something you learned that hit the nail on the head for you?

We worked with David Jay for a long time. One of the things I learned from David Jay is to stay focused on a single problem, a single issue and that there’s a lot of money in the niches. Not that it’s about money but David Jay will pick a niche and he would try to focus on and help that niche out. The reason many of his businesses were so successful is that he did that. He went in and improved their businesses and lives through that one service. He didn’t go all over the place. Now, he’s a serial entrepreneur. I like his approach because he’ll go in, focus on one problem and keep that brand. He’ll focus on a different problem and market it completely separately. He doesn’t blend the two worlds together.

I’m an ideas guy as well. I love ideas. Anybody you meet will tell you, “Paul has the craziest ideas,” and 99.99% of them never go anywhere. I get so sidetracked. Another thing that I learned from a client, he took me aside because I want to start every business in the world. He said, “Look at this.” He had a circle. He said, “You’re doing this and this.” The lines were short of that circle. He said, “If you were to take all that energy and focus it in one direction, you would be way out here.” It hit me. He’s right. I want to solve everybody’s problem with everything but I can’t. There’s not enough of me to do that. I have a God-given skill and talent that I can focus on that I’m good at.

I own another company called I don’t own it anymore. We sold it. It was one of the best things that I ever did because I was so all over the place. I was able to take all that energy and put it back in the Social Video Studios. 2020, a pandemic year, was probably one of our best years. It was amazing to see putting our focus into something and growing with a single focus of helping people understand their messaging and put that in the video form so that they can grow their companies. We did that and God blessed the company. I do attribute it all to the Lord. We’ve got all of our hopes in him. He gives us ideas, makes us creative and allows us to help companies grow. I appreciate the gift that he gave for me to be able to do all that.

That’s the gift of learning and the gift of giving.

It is rewarding, Jordan. To your point earlier, when we wrote that script for you and you wrote back and said, “This is it.” When you do take the skill that you have and help someone else move forward, it’s a very rewarding experience in life way more than if you made money. You knew it wasn’t going to work out but you made money anyway. That’s a terrible experience. It doesn’t help anybody. Eventually, people will catch onto that. It will be over. When you can look back and see the last ten companies that you’ve helped and how they’ve grown from the little bit that they trusted you with, that’s cool. It’s worth every second of it.AGT 29 | Social Video Studios

Social Video Studios: If you could find something that you enjoy doing that pushes people forward, money is going to be the last thing that you have to think about.

It’s staying true to yourself and the more true to yourself throughout. It’s not about the money. It’s about the reward of the positive fulfillment or the satisfaction. People don’t understand that. You can’t teach it because what had happened had happened and you know it for yourself.

It’s not to take away the importance of money, either. We have to survive and charge a premium for our work so that we can continue offering a premium. One of the things that David Jay would always talk about and I always remember it. I don’t know if he read it from a book. I just heard him say it all the time. He said, “There are two camps in every business. You have the Walmarts and the Macy’s and then you have this deadly middle.” You have to decide in life or your business, “What am I going to be?” Walmart is not bad because you can offer cheap prices for everything and get a lot of people in. You can be the Macy’s and be the most expensive and get a few people in.

If you find yourself in this deadly middle where you have tons of competitors at the same price then you’re never going to go anywhere. You have to decide what you want to be and which end you want to sit on. We’ve found that to be true, not only in our company but also in the companies that we consult. We find that most people are afraid of their pricing. They say, “I don’t want this much money.” They’re afraid to say it or they say, “I want to help out everybody.”

They offer their service super cheap but they can never keep up with the support and demand. They get burned out. They are annoyed with their businesses. We tell them, “It’s because you don’t know how to serve that many people. You’re trying to help everybody but you’re not serving anybody.” We always try and push people to be the Macy’s of their industry so that they can charge a premium and focus on that growth of their client or whatever they’re trying to do.

I have an analogy in that aspect. As I’m thinking about it, it’s about the energy. What happens is when you don’t have the right type of client and you get people whether they’re in the lowest-paying, highest-paying or middle, it doesn’t matter. There’s too much energy. You have to find that energy that you want to be able to put forth the attitude and the energy for that client. Like you did with me, you put 100% of your effort into my project. You want it to be perfect out there. We went back and forth few times to make a few corrections and that’s fine. You started it well from the get-go. I can’t wait to work on this. I’m so looking forward to it. That made me feel good. You made the client feel good. I think that’s when that played right into both with our strengths that shoots up the energy that we’re feeding off each other. That’s what makes businesses successful.

It’s funny. At the end of the day, we had people all the time say, “We’re just going to go on Fiverr and do that. We’re going to go on Upwork and hire some editor to do that for us.” That’s fine. We never discouraged them from that. We’ll help them do that if that’s what they want to do. You always get what you pay for. My wife and I figured it out as well. We have two rules in our household. We don’t work with family not because we don’t want to but because we want to keep the family, family. We always try to hire the right person for the right job.

You find that when you try to do it yourself. When you have no idea what you’re doing or when you hire the wrong person on price then you end up getting what you paid for. That’s important that you value whatever you’re buying and value the price. Do your research. Don’t turn something away and don’t necessarily buy it just because it’s expensive. That could be dumb, too. Buy something because it’s going to push your life or your company forward.

You asked what I’ve learned from clients. I have a good friend of mine. He runs a successful company called They sell to Medicare people that are retiring. We manage all their videos and online video content. I’m an idea guy. I’ll come to Josh and say, “Josh, we should do this and that.” He always stops me. He was like, “Paul, how is that going to make me money?” Not in the sense that he doesn’t want to help people. They’re probably the most helpful company you could ever find on Medicare and genuinely helpful. I go over all of these tangents. He was like, “If it’s not going to make me money in my company, I don’t want to spend money on it. We have assets and liabilities. That’s a liability.”

Don’t create liabilities in your company is what he tells me all the time. He was like, “I can’t afford liability. If you come to me with an asset idea, I’m all about it. If you come to me with a liability, I’m not even interested.” That has made me question everything we do with Social Video Studios and something that every company should question. Take whatever it is. Whether you’re buying a G-Suite account for your Google email or you’re buying Calendly, even little purchases, ask yourself, “Is this going to make me money? Is this an asset that’s going to pay me back?” If it’s not then find something that is.

That’s a very important point because we tend to hold back when it comes to things like that. I don’t want to say people fear money. I find if you take chances, you need to try different things. The more things you try, you never know what’s actually going on because I’m not talking about, “Try 20,000 things.” I’m talking about, “Try 3, 4 or 5 different things over the course of your career.” As for me, I’ve had multiple different careers. It wasn’t until I started CrossFit Bloomfield that I was like, “It fits my passion. It fits what I want to do.” Now, I’m coaching for many years in that program with a group class I taught. Even during that process, I’ve tried different avenues to see what works and what doesn’t.

Work does matter because you’re not going to eat if you don’t work.

I’ll tell you something on that topic. I don’t think anybody should ever be discouraged by something that doesn’t work. My wife always tells me. She’s like, “Our lives are so short anyway but to switch careers throughout your life, that’s okay.” I have met people that have worked in the computer industry their entire lives. They’ve made a lot of money. Now, they want to start a farm and just farm all day like whittle on wood and take care of sheep. That’s bizarre to me but I feel like it’s worth trying because a lot of us live like we’re going to live 400 years. We’re not. We can say, “Do what makes you happy.” I don’t love that idea. In a way, do what gives you joy in your life. Whatever you’re doing doesn’t bring you joy if you hate it, it might not be a bad time to switch. I wouldn’t even say that was a failure if you learned.

For hypothetical people, it’s very hard to find what that joy is. Sometimes, they don’t know because they are comfortable in that situation. They’re only doing that because that’s what society told them to do. Society says, “Go to college. Get an education and all these different things.” College is obviously important but there are still many options for different things. People are not following their passion. They’re finding their superhero superpower strength in trying out, not just monetizing or producing that to their advantage. That’s what makes you whole in finding that fulfillment and enjoying all of that stuff.

If you could find something that you enjoy doing that pushes people forward, money is going to be the last thing that you have to think about. If people are growing because of what you’re saying or doing, you’re going to be hired. Don’t think about the money. Think about, “Is whatever I want to do, do I enjoy it? Not in theory but does it push people’s businesses or lives forward? The money that will come.”

What did you do to recalibrate and what brings you joy?

This may sound weird to some people. My relationship with the Lord is number one in my life. I serve him only. I read a verse in Corinthians that said, “Serve the Lord because that’s the work that is never done in vain.” At the same time, God is a creator. He has created this world and made us creators. I feel like he has made me very creative and given me this joy in creating. I love creating whatever it is. I love creating companies and working with my hands.

What brings me joy is to do the work that God has given me in helping companies move forward through video but not overworking. I was talking to my wife about this, “We can work and then we can overwork.” God gives us a specific time to work, whatever that is but then it’s also important that we take the rest of that time, spend it with the people he has put in our life and not neglect our children, wife or whatever. To me, I find joy when I’m being obedient to the Lord with my time in how much I work and how much I spend with my family. That’s what brings me the most joy.

To go back, when we help a client that moves forward because of some work that we’ve done that they’ve trusted us with, that, to me, is rewarding. I love looking at a company and saying, “Look at that. They’re now making hundreds of thousands or whatever it is, tens of thousands, thousands of dollars more because of the videos that we produced for them and the messaging and consulting that we did with them.”

When you go to bed at night, my dad would always tell me, “The softest pillow is in the world is a clear conscience.” It’s not that you have a guilty conscience if it didn’t work for the client or anything but it does make you sleep better at night when you know, “Everything I did now was useful for the company that we were working for.” Not, “We did a bunch of work and nothing worked out.” We’ve all had those days. I’m not saying we never had those days. As we hone our craft more and more, we’re able to charge more of a premium. Whatever that premium is that they’re paying us is growing their company. That’s cool.

In that same token, you talked about that part of it with joy. It’s the journey of watching other people as well as your family and kids. People are searching for the journey. How could they take that journey, enjoy each day and moment and continue that forward?

Whether you have children or people in your life that are watching you, people are always watching. They see that joy in you. You see a lot of people in whatever industry and they say, “I hate my job.” They go there to make money. Life is more than money. Not that money is not important. It absolutely is important but don’t do everything in life just based on the dollar. You’ll live a miserable life of everything based on a buck. One thing that we try to do and my wife started it. I didn’t want to start it because I’m a busy person but she said, “We need to take every Wednesday and we need to have a coffee.” We call it Coffee Wednesday.

On Wednesdays, I stop my work. I don’t go to work in the morning. We pile the kids in the car early in the morning and go out for coffee. We’ll buy snacks and whatever for the kids. We sit there as a family and drink coffee. It will stretch throughout the day. It will go to 12:00 noon or 1:00. We’ll go to a playground with the kids but it’s a day that they can always look forward to. In 2020, that was difficult because all the coffee shops closed down. We would do Coffee Wednesdays in the car, which was funny. Something like that in life where you decide, “No matter how busy I am, I’m going to take a second and spend time with my family or take a second for myself,” and force yourself to do that. At the end of the day, it will reset your brain and make you more creative.

People need to understand how important that is. My wife knows this. I love to work out. When I work out, I’m going 100 miles an hour and sometimes I don’t take a break. I don’t eat. I don’t drink enough water but she kept saying, “You got to stop, take a break and back off.” When I do, I’m like, “You’re right.” I love how you do one day during the week like that. Our readers need to understand that appreciating what you have in life. Forget about money and things, just people. They’re important in that journey. Once you understand that, everything falls into place.

You’ll figure out how to make your work more efficient so you’ll say, “If I don’t have Wednesdays anymore, I’ll figure it out.” You do. You just figure it out. You now have a four-day workweek that you have to jam everything into. Like we talked about earlier when we edited out words that we don’t like, edit out stuff in your life during the day that doesn’t matter like sitting there and staring at your phone through Facebook. My wife and I both got rid of Instagram and Facebook on our phones because we spent so much time staring at nothing. You find much more time to spend with your kids than staring at your phone.

I always think about this, too. One guy told me, “When you’re six feet under, what’s going to have mattered?” I hate when people say, “Work won’t matter.” Work does matter because you’re not going to eat if you don’t work. There’s an appropriate time to work and work as hard as you can. There’s an appropriate time to spend with your family. There’s an appropriate time for everything but making sure that you prioritize the important things.

We both have learned a lot from each other. I hope that the readers also learned a lot from the very powerful conversation that we had. On that note, tell the readers how they can get ahold of you.

You can go to our website, You can schedule a free consultation. We can talk about your issue or whatever it is. You can ask Jordan this or anybody. If you want to try and do it yourself or you need to know what kind of camera or lighting, we’re more than willing to work with you on a non-monetary basis and help you get set up in that way as long as it’s quick and easy. If you guys have quick questions or whatever, you can write me at my email, I would be more than happy to help you answer those questions. If you can do it yourself and save a bunch of money, we think that’s great. Hit us up, schedule a free half-hour consultation, tell us about whatever you’re trying to solve and we’ll do our best to do that in that half-hour. Otherwise, if you guys would like to hire us, we can talk about that too.

If anybody has any questions or anything about Paul’s stuff, shoot me an email. I’m more than happy to send it over to Paul. Thank you very much. I will see you soon.



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