In this day and age, if you’re not going digital, then you’re getting left behind. Yet, admittedly, becoming a digital creator can be difficult. You would need a graphic designer, a web developer, a copywriter, and the list goes on. Not to worry, though, because Jordan Levin is with Krissy Chin, the founder of The Krissy Chin and business coach for digital creators. In this episode, Krissy discusses the things you need to know about scaling your business online. Not to get lost in the entire process, she then shares some steps on building an online brand while still having enough time for yourself. Join this conversation and learn what it takes to bring your knowledge front and center.



Krissy Chin is known by many as the go-to business strategy coach and consultant for those who want to work more efficiently in their business. From building a multimillion-dollar membership site to online courses, her strategies are to save time that is used firsthand and help thousands across the globe to create and scale their digital products. There is nothing Krissy loves more than to help others embrace her “done is better than perfect” motto to get unstuck and take action in their business so they can work less, enjoy and earn more.

Welcome, Krissy. It’s an honor to have you with us.

Thank you, Jordan. I’m excited to be here with you.

This is going to be fun because you and I have had a number of discussions. We’ve got to learn more about each other. One of the things I could see is you’ve got very positive energy about yourself. That’s where we feed off of each other.

Thank you. You’ll find me smiling a lot with a very optimistic attitude. That’s what my family always says, “I always appreciate your optimism when things are gloom.” I’m always saying, “It could be worse or at least the bright side is.” They love that.

Who instills that into you in terms of understanding what they mean to be positive all the time?

To be honest, I don’t think it was a particular person. I can’t think of my mom or my dad. They were always positive. It’s something that maybe I realized I could use to cope with anything, any negative thing, any bad thing. I realized quickly, personally that if you look for the positivity in it, it’s not so bad. You can turn things around.

For me, coming from someone with overcoming adversity, one of the biggest things is we tend to hold back the issue that is approaching right in front of us. We tend to do dwell on that. As we both learned, that might bother you for a second or two and you move on but most people will let that situation bother them for lots of days or weeks.

My husband has said to me before that he sometimes views it as me being aloof or not caring about something because he’ll get upset. I let it roll off my back. He’s like, “Why aren’t you getting mad?” I said, “What’s the point in getting mad? It’s not going to change what happened.” He realizes and understands that that’s who I am and how I handle things. He doesn’t look at me and get upset that I’m not getting mad or that I don’t think it’s a big deal. It is a big deal. What can we do if there’s nothing? You just have to make that next step. If there’s something you can do to turn it around then you do that thing.

The reason why I’m laughing is that I’ve had this extreme discussion with my wife. I’m the same way. As a couple, we asked, “Where’s the empathy?” I asked you, “How do you feel? How are you doing? We had a few bonds a little bit more. We’ve had about the same discussion over and over again. I’m recognizing that and I’m trying to be a little bit more forthcoming.

If I can’t turn it around or find something positive then I go with everything happens for a reason motto. I might not be able to see what that reason is right. I may never know in the future but I have to trust and have faith that this is happening as it should happen and it’s going to lead to something positive down the road. What you put out there, you attract. If I’m putting out positivity and abundance then it will come back tenfold.

It’s easier said than done. A lot of times, we have that a-ha moment when we realized that we can’t worry about the things that already happened. We could worry about the things that are coming up forward. We became worried about things coming forward. Don’t get me wrong. Some people have anxiety and different issues. That’s completely okay. It tripped me out like a situation in adapting and understanding how to move forward. Those things can be used. It is possible family and business. Let’s go back a little bit. From my understanding, you started off in the nursing side of things. How did you get into nursing? What was the drive into what you’re doing now?

You’re never too old to start pursuing something that’s going to bring happiness to your life.

My mom always said when I was little that I was going to grow up and work with babies because I was obsessed with babies. My youngest sister was two years younger than me. I would go get her out of her crib when I was three and she was one. I would carry her out. She always said that. I never thought about becoming a nurse as a kid. It wasn’t a dream I had. It was something that started to come into my mind before college. I didn’t have the confidence that I was smart enough to be a nurse. I struggled with that a lot. I was like, “I’m not smart enough.” I scored horribly on my ACTs. I applied for a school I knew I would get into. I asked people in that nursing program to try and engage, “Am I as smart as them? Could I do it?” I didn’t have the confidence but I did it anyway. I realized I could do it. I graduated from nursing school and did that. I quickly realized that it wasn’t the lifestyle that I wanted.

We don’t think about that when we’re eighteen going into college. “What do I want my life to look like four years after? What do I want the schedule to be like? What kind of income do I want to be making?” That is something that’s important. I will instill in my children to think about your long-term future for that. A natural progression, I was into health and wellness. Being a nurse, I liked helping people. I had this desire for health and wellness from a preventative standpoint. I wanted to help people stay out of the hospital than slap a Band-Aid on it and send them home. Through some of my own personal health struggles, I was introduced to some alternative methods and techniques. I got into that. I did training for it. They train you to build a business and this muscle testing technique. They said you could build a million-dollar practice. I was like, “That sounds awesome. I could make my own hours during the week.” It sounded great. I started doing that and then realized, “If I have patients that come to me at an office, I’m not going to be able to pick up and leave for a week, go on vacation or anything like that.” The door opens but I found myself self-sabotaging a little bit.

Going back to what you didn’t want to do within that thing, you still wanted to help people by putting yourself back in the office. It’s a tough thing. You’re fortunate enough to be young enough to recognize it and allow yourself to take that chance to go ahead and do it. That’s what people need to understand that taking chances is okay. There are so many different chances that you can take it. I always say, “What do you have to lose? We have everything to gain. What’s the worst that could happen?” If you don’t like it, go try something else. I had a conversation with a client of mine who was moving every couple of months. It’s not related to this but the same idea. He said, “I don’t want to leave. My wife doesn’t want to leave. My friends don’t want me to leave. I don’t want to leave the gym and all this stuff because I love what you guys have to offer. It’s such a great atmosphere.” He started going down the rabbit hole but in a split second, “I don’t have any regret.” I said, “Here’s the deal. I have no regrets. It’s a good opportunity. Go ahead and decide. If you want to take it, take it. What’s the worst that could happen? In a couple of years, if it doesn’t work for you, you can always come back.”

I was young enough to figure that out and do something else. I want to encourage and inspire people reading who feel like they are too old to make a change or shift. You’re never too old to start pursuing something that’s going to bring happiness to your life. I witnessed my dad for 40 years working in a job that he hated. He was a pharmacist and he hated it. He was an inventor, an entrepreneur at heart and an ideas guy. I get so many traits from him. He retired several years ago. He was finally starting to pursue the things that he was passionate about. He got a patent on this double dog leash he created. He started working in his Young Living network marketing business. He started gardening. Unfortunately, he passed away summer of 2020. He at least got three years of happiness pursuing something that he wanted to do his entire life. He chose to pick that stable ground to raise a family with four daughters. I want to encourage you. You don’t know when your time is up. If you have the means and the ability to pursue something that lights you up and you have passion for, do it, don’t wait.

I graduated from Michigan State in ’99. I started CrossFit Bloomfield in 2009. During those ten years, I probably had 4 or 5 different careers. My buddies always joked, “Did I ever told you that already?” I kept trying out these different things. It wasn’t until I started CrossFit Bloomfield where everything clicked. Being in that health and wellness field, I always knew I wanted to help people. It was always my passion. I hit it. It’s been good. It’s several years. I love every second of it. Don’t get me wrong. It depends because it’s a different story but overall, If I can help one person a day, I’m happy.

AGT 31 | Digital Creator

That’s a good sign that you haven’t found your thing yet if you want to bounce around. I was the same in my nursing career. I was moving every year. I wasn’t even keeping a job in that area of nursing for a year before I would hop to the next. It was like I was searching for something. I thought, “Maybe if I do move to this place and do this type of nursing, work with kids or work in this different field, I’ll find that thing.” I can never find that thing. This is the longest I’ve ever stuck with something. Every day it lights me up and I get to help people change their lives in a capacity. I’m still helping people even though I’m less health and wellness-focused now, which was the journey that led me to business coaching because I got into network marketing and built a business. In that, I was able to leave my nursing job promoting health and wellness products and I started my own membership site to teach others how to build this business and find that financial and time freedom. That business took off my own membership site. That led me into more of coaching the business side, which I realized I loved even more than coaching people on the health side. On the business side, if you have time and financial freedom, you can focus even more on your health, wellness products and healthy lifestyle. It led me down this journey. I’m loving it.

You are a problem solver because you are helping these other individuals with businesses find what their passion is and helping them streamline new processes so that they do have the time to push their true other passions. You are being able to travel. For me, “Let’s go and play hockey, work out, mountain biking and wake surfing.” That’s important to me. I always want to make sure I have time for that. I built my schedule not along those things but the office and the gym. The gym is my priority first. I’ve put it along with that. It took me several years before I put a good team to be able to adjust accordingly.

You mentioned taking action. That is sometimes the hardest step for people. They might see where they are and where they want to go but then they see all of these roadblocks, uncertainties, the things they don’t know on how to get there and it stops them. One of my natural superpowers is I can see where I am. I can see where I want to go and I don’t care how I’m going to get there. I just take that next step and get started. I know that when I get to that first roadblock and that problem, I can figure it out. If it’s not me personally, I’ll reach out to my network. That’s why I love networking. Now I know you and we’ve built this relationship. I’ve expanded that much more to tap into even your knowledge when needed. If you realize you’re the kind of person that is being stopped by the unknowns, take the next step you know. When you get to that roadblock, you reach out to Jordan or you reach out to me and you say, “I’m struggling. Help me through this. How do I get around this?” Most of the roadblocks with the people that are following me are those logistical, “How do I work smarter? How do I save more time,” problems. That’s what I helped them through.

Branding is so much more than visuals. It’s how people feel when they interact with you.

We talked about taking action. I always say never take no for an answer. I get a bit of it. I pretty much know what you’re talking about. If people get stuck, they don’t know where they need to go. They need to understand that it’s okay to reach out to other people to ask those questions to find out how they get there. I’ve been in a million roadblocks. I don’t let something stop. I keep going. It would take me down the rabbit hole. So what? I’ll find a way. Even with the show, I have no intention of doing a show. You at number 31st episode. My lucky number is 31. This should be added to be above the number 31. I was born 11 inches and 31 ounces. I’ve always had that go-to living there. My point is taking the action and find how to get there.

For me, I don’t know what I was doing in this show. I put everything together in two days when I first started. Now, I’m still trying to refine what I’m doing, figuring out which way I want to go and how much money do I need to spend to get to where I want. I’m in a little bit of a roadblock because I want to get to the next level. I’m trying to find the right resources to allow me to do that. It is taking me some time to find that path. I’m not ready yet. I’m getting close. I’m waiting for the right answer for that person to give me that. It’s the one I want them to do to allow to grow this business. Not just the show but my inspiration speaking career. I’m now not working more than I ever had. That’s what I think people understand that the more you build your network as you have, the more options you have to find what you want to do.

I wrote down in my notebook to put this on a post, collaboration. Krissy’s Definition: The Key to Success. The bigger you build your network, the more you can collaborate, the more exposure you have to other people. In business, it’s sales. Sales is a numbers game. You have to get in front of more people, the masses. Whether you’re networking to grow your knowledge base on getting over that roadblock or be able to collaborate for your business, it’s all good things. Congrats to you on 31 episodes. Most podcasters don’t make it past ten episodes. That is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. I know that you’re doing the work. You’re taking that next action step. You invested in my Scalable Podcast System. You’re implementing that to work more efficiently in your show so you can then do that next step that you need. I see you and commend you for doing what you are preaching, taking action and doing that next step. You’ll get there. I see you get to that next level that you want.

That’s a common thing that I’m seeing as I’m talking to these different individuals. There are so many different stories during the whole process. As a podcaster, you’re learning from the interviewees that you’re talking to. That boosts the network with that. Let’s talk a little bit about online coaching and some of the online courses that you offer. Do you want to go and give our audience some details on that?

I run multiple businesses. One is for a specific niche. It’s for people in network marketing. Not just network marketing. It’s for this one company called Young Living, which is the company I got started in originally. I’m providing marketing materials, business training for them. That was through that membership site. We launched a very inexpensive membership that we launched at $4.95. You can do a super affordable price and scale it. We hit $1 million in twenty months. We did increase it to $6.95 after two weeks. After four months, we increased it to $14.95, still super affordable. I ran that for three years. I’ve done multimillion with that. Through my success in building that membership site, I have learned a ton.

Trust me, I hit roadblocks. I hired the wrong people. I focused on the wrong things and had to redirect but I’ve learned so much. Through learning, people started coming to me and asking, “I too want to take my knowledge and what I know and turn it into a course or a membership site so that I can have more time for the things that I love and want to do and make money while I sleep or while I’m on vacation.” That’s what launched my show, which is called ‎Badass is the New Black. That’s about bringing people on who have used their personal strengths. I see you and I have done in building your brand to get farther in building their online business. I serve that community, the people that are true entrepreneurs which means you’ve got the grit to push through those hard days and the passion in what you’re doing to figure it out and keep going, who want to take their knowledge, turn it into a course or a membership site, a digital product to be able to scale online efficiently.

The first course that I came up with for the Krissy Chin brand is called Build a Blissful Business. It’s taking my years of gaining knowledge on building a true brand and business, that foundation piece of what it’s all about and have it in a course. For someone who has no Business degree like I did, I learned on the streets, taking that knowledge and putting it in a six-module course. You could get it done in a week, in two weeks. You could stretch out one module a week. In six weeks, you’re going to have the knowledge of building a brand that took me five years. That’s all about developing your brand, your speaking style, your message, your brand personality and the brands of visuals. Branding is so much more than visuals. It’s how the other person feels when they interact with you. That is your brand.

If you haven’t intentionally focused on your brand then you don’t have a solid brand. It’s going back to those basics. I’ve had people use it as a rebrand. “I want to expand. I’ve got to go back to the basics.” We evolve. As we evolve, our business evolves. Sometimes you have to go back to the beginning and reassess. It helps focus on ideal clients. Who is your ideal client? Various things like that. I help you get set up on social media so that it’s positioned in a strategic way to attract people to you, your ideal customer to you and then we dive into some basics of the website. I’ve got some guest speakers in there that speak more. I’m not an expert on visuals. I have a brand designer come in. She helps you create a mood board and a brand book. These are also things that I have you create for your brand that save you time in the future.

You had someone create your visual for this show. They probably asked, “What are your brand colors? What are the fonts that you use?” As a first time, if you haven’t thought about putting this stuff together then you have to go spend the time to grab the fonts and the colors and get them what they need. In this process of setting up your brand in your business, I make you create those. I make you create the brand book that has the colors and the font. Down the road, when you hire that graphic designer to make the graphics for your course or your website, they ask for that and you look super professional because you’re like, “Here’s my brand book. Send them over to the digital file.”

It’s so simple. People don’t think of those things. With mine, I see the video guy that did my thing. We went this. We didn’t get to find it, believe it or not. I find that all good things start with you who designed it for me. We couldn’t find that natural fund. After two days of searching, we’re able to find it. It’s a unique fund. I have it and I know exactly what I have to do. That’s the thing. People need to understand that being consistent with the messaging and all of that. It’s not easy to define. It takes time to define. For example, I’ve worked with a business coach, it took me a solid two months to come up with this slogan, “All good things start with you.” I would text him, “What do you think about this?” “No.” “What do you mean no?” He said, “Think deeper.” It’s not resonating with him or me. I was angry with myself. “What is wrong with me?” He kept saying to me, “Be patient. Keep trying. Keep going.” I looked back at it and I laughed because it’s not easy. People need to be patient and understanding our goal. There’ll be roadblocks. Once you find that switch a little bit and you get over the hump, it’s easy after that. That’s what happens. There’s another roadblock down the line. You have to figure that out. That’s part of growth in any type of business.

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The truth is as you do more, you’ll get more clarity. You’ll do the course and you’ll have such profound clarity but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have even more clarity six months down the road. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know. Seek out someone who’s been there before who’s done what you want to do. Let them say to you a little time by saying, “Let’s pull out the important pieces. Let me walk you and hold your hand step-by-step to do this.” By putting them into action in motion like listening to the video about messaging or your ideal client putting it down and having that resource. If you hire a copywriter, they’re going to want to know who’s your ideal client. Thank goodness I’ve created that worksheet for you so you have everything. You say, “Here they are.”

As you do it and start putting out the show, you start fine-tuning, honing in and getting more clarity on who you want to speak to. Digital creators weren’t something that I came across the second I launched the Krissy Chin brand. I said, “I want to help people who want to build a business online.” I realized my expertise is in digital products. That helps brings the cost down for things. It helps you able to scale online. It’s been a process to get here. I’m still getting more clarity. I’ve been on a podcast and I got even more clarity on the next course that I want to create even though I was pushing hard against it for so long. Everyone else out there has a course on how to create courses. That’s what people are coming to me for. I’m like, “I have to stop.” I was in my own way.

Sales is a numbers game, so collaboration is the key to success.

You have to get out of your own way sometimes. The smartest next step in your business is doing what the people want. The people were telling me what they wanted. I was like, “They could go to this coach and get that.” Amy Porterfield is making millions off of her course. Everyone has a personality. There are people that may not want or resonate with her, him or anyone else out there and they’re going to resonate for me. They want what I have to offer. I was like, “They’re asking for it. I’m going to do it.” That’s the next step.

That’s the thing. You want to go and do it but I’m sure you have other priorities at the moment. You’ve got to nail out and finish out, get that up and running before you can move on to the next thing. I’m happy to understand building out the timeline. Sometimes, let’s be sure of our timeline. At the end, that’s okay to take it as it comes.

I know you’ve hired a coach. I’ve had multiple coaches. I 100% believe in investing in a coach who’s done what you want to do so that they know and that you resonate with. Part of that is you’re paying for accountability. If you’re anything like me, if no one’s holding me accountable, I’m like, “I track on this and then get pulled over to this.” Before you know it, it’s six months and you haven’t touched that thing. Having that accountability whether it’s in a coach, a mastermind or a group process where people are checking in on you. “Jordan, how’s it going?” When we get off of here, I’m going to text one of my clients. I’m not working privately one-on-one but in the phase of launching this course, I’m going to reach out and say, “David, how’s that course coming along?” I need that little bird in his ear like, “People are watching. People are waiting. How’s it going?” Accountability is huge.

That’s exactly what my coach does. We’d meet every two weeks for fifteen minutes. He says, “How’s it going? What’s going on?” We talk about whatever. The next thing I know at the end of fifteen minutes, I’ve got an action item to do for the next week or two. I’ll give you a quick example. He said to me, “You need to do Q&As.” I said, “What does that mean?” He said, “One way to think about the coaching tip that your client asked you and do a quick Zoom for one minute. Skip the audio. Upload it. You got a one-minute Q&A show. Do that 1 to 2 days a week on top of your existing show. Now you have more content.” That’s what people need to understand is not just content but the more authentic you are to yourself on a show or social media or Instagram. There are so many people out there. All you need is part of 1% of all the people who weren’t need but to message. That’s all you need. People overthink the process. I wouldn’t have thought of this before. The craziest part is I’ve said to myself in years, “I don’t want to be on this online thing. I don’t want to be on social media.” I realized in order to truly be yourself, you got to have to be as authentic as possible. You got to put yourself out there. That’s a big fear for a lot of people as to why they might not succeed in whatever they’re doing whether it is an online business or in-person business. You have to put yourself out there.

I love that tip that your coach gave you and now you’re giving it to everyone reading. If someone is asking you something, create that sound bite. I sent an email out about email list segmentation. Someone asked me about segmenting their email list. I said, “I’m going to record me explaining this for them. I’m going to upload it to YouTube. I’m going to send it out to my email list.” If this one person is asking then other people are probably having the same question. The people that aren’t having this question need to have this question. They shouldn’t be asking because they don’t know to ask it. They’ll find out later so let me give it to them. That’s a great way to create content.

It’s how my membership site business for the Young Living network marketing started. I was recording how to build this business and this company for my team. I realized other people would want to know and pay me. We have people from other companies that are emailing saying, “I know that you create content for Young Living but do you coach other people?” I see the business can evolve or a new brand can branch off from that. On that lane, I help network marketers in that capacity. My personal brand is the people that want to do what I did with membership sites or courses.

What’s your ideal project or ideal client? You’ve been doing this for so long. When you gravitate towards them, who would that be?

The people that I attract intentionally because of my messaging and the way that I speak to people does help draw in the client that I want to work with. That is someone who is ready to do the steps. They are ready to take action. They just need some guidance and some of that accountability but they are ready to go. They want that increase in financials and freedom. They have that drive and something that they like talking about or teaching about and all this knowledge. They want to get it into something online where they can scale and find that freedom. The people that come to me, there’s been my private clients which I take very few because I don’t do well trading time for money. It’s been an array of people. I know you know David and you’ve had him on the show. He’s an actor creating a course to teach other actors. He’s so many steps ahead of people that are getting started. He’s successful in his industry. He’s taking it back, “The people that are just getting started, how can I teach them what I learned over the last several years?” He’s turning that into a course.

Someone different, she’s a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter. She helps people market their books while she was working one-on-one helping people write their books and taking them through this phase of getting a solid outline. She was like, “I could put this into a course and help a lot more people.” She created this course for phase one that she would do with private clients. It works well. I was one of her test subjects for this and my ideas for writing a book. We did it side-by-side. I’d met with Emilia in person but I did her course. When it came time to writing the outline, I did it on my own based on her course. She did it based on meeting and gathering the information that she does one-on-one. Our outlines for my book will be coming down the road because there are so many projects, they were almost identical. I was like, “I don’t know that there were one million directions I could have gone with how to outline the content we came up with.” We both did it the same.

I was like, “That’s proof that you could take what you did in your personal one-on-one. We turned it into this course that’s going to get the same outcome.” How many people can she help get started on writing a book with this digital course? A high-performance coach I worked with is developing his digital products suite to take what he did with corporate companies and bring that online for other people. It’s been an array. A breath and movement coach who did one-on-one work. A lot of people do this work one-on-one. They have this knowledge and this skill. It’s a matter of being intentional and strategic to put it in a digital course. There are things that most people don’t think about putting together to make sure that you get the same outcome from the digital course that you get working one-on-one. There are only some skills in that.

That’s great research and developing process of an idea. That’s the thing. We say perfect practice makes perfect. Nothing is ever perfect. You know this. You could have them with a stick here and there and it’s going to happen. Sometimes, people have too high expectations. It’s good to have high expectations but at the same time, you have to bring it down a little bit and get people on that same level. We have to bring people down to that level more than to help them grow.

One of my mottos is, “Done is better than perfect.” The reality is if you have that mentality done is better than not done. If you’re waiting for perfect, it will never get done. I released an ad on Facebook. I’m investing money in this ad for The Scalable Podcast System. After I saw it on there, I went to view it and I go, “There’s a typo.” It said gram instead of grab. There are too many messages in that ad and people are still buying. I read that thing twenty times. I thought it was perfect. The reality was it wasn’t. Done is better than not done. Keep that motto in your head. Listen to me.

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A lot of the stuff that we talked about, there were so many golden nuggets that we can all use. I want people to understand that these things take time. Listen to your coach, whoever your coach is. I have a coach. You have a coach. We’ve taught people, trust the process. We are all paying money for an outcome and journey. Trust the people that you were working with to allow them to help you with that. If you allow it to happen, you’ll be able to get your great reward. What do you do to recalibrate? Do you do yoga, meditate or work out? Do you go sit and look at the corner for five minutes? With all the things or if you have some negative things going on, how did you clear?

It used to be yoga. It was hot yoga but then with the mask, they make you wear a mask. I said, “I’m not doing hot yoga and a mask. I’ll pass out.” I’ve got into pilates, which has been cool and amazing for some things in my back that I’ve been pulling. The pilates is helping a ton. Mentally, that helps me as well. When the season is right, we got a lake house, although we’ve had a boat for a while. We go out to the lake. We hang out with friends. We make memories out there. I do my best attempts at wake surfing.

If you look for positivity in problems, it ends up not being so bad.

Have you gone yet in 2021?

We haven’t gone yet. We have been busy with closing on the lake house. We’re already closed. I’ve been ordering furniture like crazy, trying to get things in before Memorial Weekend, which is usually our kickoff. I’m in Atlanta. The weather was 80 a week or so before Memorial in 2020. We were out early. We’ll be out early again in 2021. We haven’t gone yet but we are itching to get out there on the lake.

I was out a little bit. I wake surfed. I surfed on April 3rd, 2021. The water was 53 degrees.

The water is warmer here down in Atlanta. I do have a wetsuit. In 2022, we will be out this early, I’m sure. With getting the house set up, we’ve been so focused on that. We’ve waited for a little.

That leads to my next question. What brings you joy?

What brings me joy is making memories, spending time with family, friends, the people that are in my circle and the people that I’m meeting that I’m bringing into my circle. I like fancy things. I like to get nice things but it’s all about the memories. That’s what we have. When we’re lying on our deathbed, people ask, “What is the thing that you remember the most that you don’t regret?” It’s all these memories that people come up with. The more memories I can make with people and the more I can impact their lives for the greater, that fills me up.

You’re the first person to choose that analogy of making memories. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everybody always said my family, my kids, my wife, my husband. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone explain it in that way. I appreciate that. It’s making me think about it for a second. I’m thinking about hanging out with my friends, which I haven’t done. Hopefully, we might get out a little bit. We’ll be able to come back to that 50% or more of our normal ways.

It could be those fancy shoes you got. Few years down the road, you’re less likely going to remember those fancy shoes. You’re going to remember that night that you were at a concert and stepped in a mud puddle and rolling those shoes. You’re going to have that memory with it. I live for memories.

I’m glad we had the opportunity to talk. I would love to talk again to see where we’re at. I’m sure things were changed by then. Thank you so much for being here.

Jordan, thank you for having me and giving me the opportunity to hopefully shed some amazing nuggets for your audience.



Krissy Chin is known by many as the go-to business strategy coach & consultant for those who want to work more efficiently in their business. From building a multi-million-dollar membership site to online courses, her strategies to save time are used first hand and help thousands across the globe create and scale their digital products. There is nothing Krissy loves more than to help others embrace her “done is better than perfect” motto to get unstuck and take action in their business so they can work less and enjoy (and earn) more!Brand ClarityBrand PersonalityMembership SitesOnline CoachOnline CourseScaling OnlinePhil Hellman – Owner of Paradox Health – Direct Primary CarePaul Forchione – Mindset Coach At A Call To Action

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